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I am Aart Goossens. I grew up in the Netherlands but in 2023, I moved to Bygstad, Norway, with my family. I am a sports-scientist-turned-data-engineer. Sport is very important to me and I enjoy cycling, running, rowing, hiking and XC skiing.

Working with me

I am a freelancer working on the intersection of data engineering and sports science, and describe my role as “sports data engineer”. As a sports scientist, my main fields of interest and expertises are athlete profiling and training load monitoring in endurance sports (with a heavy focus on cycling, running and and rowing). As a data engineer, my main expertises are data storage for sports data, connecting to sports platforms and sports data standardization.

My services include:

Previous clients of me are:

My daily tech stack is centered around Python and Google Cloud Platform but I am familiar with a wider range of languages and platforms.

If you are interested in working with me you can contact me at aart[at] (not that bots these days don’t know how to make an email address out of that 🤷). You can also find me at LinkedIn, Twitter, BlueSky (not that active there yet) and Strava.