Table of Contents

Open Source Software

You can find the OSS projects I contribute to on my GitHub and GitLab. The most prominent OSS projects I work on are:

  • sweatpy: A Python library for sports data analysis. Started by me.
  • goldencheetahlib: A Python library for communicating with a local GoldenCheetah application. Started by me.


Below is a list of applications that I developed. Most of them are small proof of concepts or dashboards that I developed as an exercise or to get acquainted with a topic. I hope you find them interesting or usefull!

  • VLamax playground: This application is built as an educational tool and showcase for the concepts behind VLamax and has several interactive charts that help to understand it.
  • Heartrate power model dashboard: This dashboard calculates a model for the relationship between your heartrate and power output by uploading a FIT file.
  • The Sweat Notebooks (Temporarily unavailable): An application that connects to Strava and generates advanced analysis reports from your workouts.

Current and Previous Jobs

  • Sport Data Valley, a Dutch government funded sports data analysis platform. As a tech lead I am part of the core development team.
  • Team INEOS, British professional cycling team. As part of their data science team I help answer questions by combining and analyzing data.