Working with me

I am available as a freelance data scientist and software engineer for sports applications, the combination of which I coined sports data engineering.

If you are interested in working with me you can contact me at aart[at] (not that bots these days don’t know how to make an email address out of that 🤷).

Open-Source Software

I am a strong advocate of Open-Source Software (OSS), both for using it and contributing to it. Read more about OSS here, here or here. In any project that I do I try to contribute as much of the generally applicable code to existing or new open-source projects. For an overview of my open source contributions, take a look at my portfolio.

Code of Ethics

In my work I adhere to the UCI Code of Ethics.

Tech stack

The most prominent parts of my tech stack and the technologies I try to use in most of my projects are Python, Jupyter notebooks, docker, FastAPI, pandas and scikit-learn. But I am familiar with a wider range of frameworks, languages and libraries.